Place de Clichy
Paris, France July 7, 2017

My name is Lerman Montoya. I am a multimedia journalist studying at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I cover stories related to immigration, refugees, human rights, and trans-border issues.


Alongside his prison letters, my father would send me old copies of National Geographic. Flipping through the dull torn pages, I was instantly captivated by the life in the images. It was my father’s deportation back to Mexico and my mother’s lengthy legal battles with U.S immigration that sparked my interest for trans-border reporting, immigration and refugee policy and international law.


As a journalist, my mission is to tell the stories of our world through different forms of media such as photo, video, art, and film. Aside from journalism I am also a painter,  an amateur guitar player, world traveler and goat enthusiast.